The recent defection of two Congress leaders from Rajkot has become a major blow to the party in Gujarat. This time, it’s not only the leaders in the state but also the top leaders from Rajkot who have quit the party. The two senior leaders, Indravadan Patel and Dhirubhai Mehta, were both associated with the Rajkot district of Gujarat for many years

Overview of the News 

Overview of the News: In the Indian state of Gujarat, two prominent Congress leaders from Rajkot have resigned from their positions in the party. The resignations come as a major setback to the party as they were expected to play a key role in the upcoming election.

The two leaders, former mayor of Rajkot, Chandrakant Shastri, and former MLA from Rajkot East, Prakash Vaghela, were seen as strong leaders and had been expected to be a part of the party’s core leadership in the upcoming election. 

Their resignations come at a time when the Congress is in a state of flux in Gujarat, with the party struggling to make headway in the state in the run up to the assembly elections. The resignations could be seen as a further blow to the party’s hopes of making a comeback in the state.

The resignations also come at a time when the party is facing a leadership crisis in Gujarat, with the state unit divided over the choice of leader. The Congress has been searching for a suitable candidate to lead the party in the state, but has been unable to reach an agreement on the matter.

The resignations could be seen as a sign of the party’s struggles in Gujarat, with the two leaders seen as strong voices of dissent within the party. This could further weaken the party’s chances in the upcoming election, as it will now have to find suitable replacements for the two leaders in the state.

Gujarat Assembly Election Results & Analyzing its Impact 

The results of the Gujarat Assembly Election on December 9th, 2018 were a major setback for the Congress Party, with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) winning the majority of seats. This defeat has had a significant impact on the party, particularly in the Rajkot district. Two prominent Congress leaders, Chirag Patel and Jitubhai Patel, have resigned from the party in the wake of the election results.

The resignations of these two leaders underscore the dissatisfaction of Congress supporters in the Rajkot district with the party’s performance in the election. The two leaders’ resignations are yet another blow to the Congress Party and its dwindling presence in Gujarat.

The Congress Party’s performance in the Gujarat election is a clear sign that the party needs to reassess its strategies and policies in the state. The party needs to come up with a clear plan of action for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in order to make an impact in Gujarat and other states in India. In the meantime, the resignation of Chirag Patel and Jitubhai Patel from the Congress Party is a major setback for the party and its prospects in Gujarat.

Gujarat Congress Leaders Resignation 

The recent spate of resignations among the Congress leaders in Gujarat is creating a buzz. Two more Congress leaders from Rajkot have quit the party, taking the total number of resignations to six in the last few days. The resignations come at a time when the Congress is gearing up for the upcoming Assembly elections in Gujarat. The resignations have raised eyebrows in the political circles in Gujarat and have put the party in a difficult situation. 

The two leaders who have resigned are former Rajkot district president and former MLA, Jitendra Kalola, and former councilor, Rameshbhai Variola. Both of them had been associated with the Congress for a long time and their resignations have come as a surprise to many. The reasons cited for their resignation were personal, though there has been speculation that the resignations are indicative of the growing discontent among the Congress workers in Gujarat. 

The resignations have come as a setback for the Congress which was hoping to make a strong comeback in Gujarat in the upcoming elections. The resignations are also likely to cause a dent in the party’s vote bank in the region. The Congress will now have to work hard to fill the vacuum created by the resignations and to ensure that the party remains a strong contender in the Gujarat Assembly elections.

Reasons Behind the Resignations 

The recent resignations of two Congress leaders from Rajkot, Gujarat is a sign of the weakening grip of the party in the state. It has been reported that the two leaders, who were both sitting MLAs, resigned due to differences with the party leadership. This move has been seen as a major blow to the party in a state where it is already facing a tough fight from the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party.

The reasons behind the resignations of these leaders are varied. It is believed that the two resigned due to differences with the party leadership over the selection of candidates for the upcoming assembly elections. They had reportedly expressed their displeasure over the candidates chosen by the party leadership and chose to part ways rather than compromise. There were also reports of them having differences with the party’s policies and views on various issues.

In addition, it is also believed that the recent developments within the party at the national level may have had an influence on the resignations. The two leaders may have been unhappy with the recent direction taken by the party and decided to part ways.

Finally, the resignations may also be seen as a sign of the growing discontent among the party’s cadres in Gujarat. The two resignations may be a sign of the general frustration among Congress party workers in the state who feel that the party is not doing enough to challenge the ruling BJP.

Future of the Party in Gujarat 

The future of the Congress Party in Gujarat appears to be in jeopardy after two of its leaders from Rajkot recently quit the party. Rajkot was the only city in Gujarat where the Congress party had a majority in the 2017 assembly elections. This decision of the two leaders to abandon the party has caused immense worry to the party’s top brass. This is because their departure further dents the already dwindling fortunes of the Congress in Gujarat. The BJP, which is the ruling party in Gujarat, has been consistently winning elections in the state since 1995.

It is likely that the Congress Party’s prospects of winning the upcoming Gujarat Assembly elections will be further weakened if more leaders from Rajkot and other parts of the state follow the lead of the two leaders who recently quit the party. The future of the Congress in Gujarat appears to be a bleak one and the party must take immediate steps to revive its fortunes in the state.


The Gujarat-2-More-Congress-Leaders-From-Rajkot-Quit-Party episode has shown that the Congress Party is facing an unprecedented crisis in Gujarat. As more and more leaders from the state are resigning from the party, it appears that the party is in deep trouble and is losing its foothold in the state.

This is a worrying development for the Congress Party, as it could potentially mean that the BJP will be able to consolidate its position in the state. It is now up to the Congress Party to take some decisive action and regain its footing in Gujarat. Only time will tell if the party will be able to do so. : Ipl-2022-Mega-Auction 1214 Players

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