How To Teach Radiant Cycles Better Than Anyone Else

How To Teach Radiant Cycles Better Than Anyone Else

Radiant Cycles was started in 2006 when owner Duy Huynh was looking for a Shorty exhaust for his motorcycle. He wanted something that was inexpensive, lightweight, compact and loud. After months of searching he decided to make his own unique design and called it the Radiant Cycles Shorty GP Exhaust.

1. Know Yourself

As this Eclipse Cycle realigns you with Universal frequencies, many of you are feeling a sense of being different kinds of participants in Life. For some of you this is a new sense of purpose – or perhaps a deeper understanding of the purpose that has always been there, softly guiding and directing you all along.

It’s time to rediscover your authentic, Radiant Self(tm). That’s the only way you can love yourself – and share your beautiful message – with confidence and authority. You must learn to be yourself – not a version of you that someone else thinks you should be, or a result of your painful past. Your radiance is the most complete, spacious, and unified version of you. Focus your investigation right there, slashing all the counterfeit things away through clear discernment.

2. Know Your Partner

We often fall into negative cycles in our relationships. These cyclical patterns can be driven by a number of factors such as personality, past incidences of trauma and childhood dynamics. These patterns can show up as icy shut downs or fiery start-ups. In order to break out of these patterns we need vulnerability and authenticity. The first step to breaking out of these negative cycles is to identify them so that we can team up against them.

Having an understanding of your cycle allows your partner to support you more effectively during PMS and to be involved in pregnancy planning (like ovulation days and fertility windows). Partner Connect is available for all Cycles Premium users. To invite your partner, simply tap the profile tab and select “Partner Connect”. Your partner will only be able to see your cycle information and not your logs, observations and sexual activity.

3. Know Yourself in Relationships

In relationships, it’s easy to lose yourself and become consumed by the needs of your partner. You start to forget your own interests and goals, focus on people-pleasing, and don’t speak up about what you need from the relationship.

To have a healthy relationship, you need to know yourself and understand what brings you alive. It’s important to find a partner who can support you in this, and allows you to continue doing the things that make you happy. Otherwise, you may never find a sense of purpose in your life. This will lead to an unfulfilling and unhealthy relationship.

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