Why Should Every Manager, CEO, and Leader Have a Strong Personal Branding?

Why Should Every Manager, CEO, and Leader Have a Strong Personal Branding

The answer is quite simple! It’s because these individuals are role models and should shine with their face, expertise, and image as good examples.

82% of consumers are more likely to trust a company when its executives are active on social media.*

As a CEO, it’s not an easy step to take. After all, one would typically want the company to shine through advertising, PR, and marketing efforts. They wouldn’t want to put themselves in the spotlight. That’s why it’s even more important to convey an image of the CEO that represents their expertise and industry knowledge. A personal brand in such a position must be professional, appealing, and above all, authentic.

Some questions keep popping up.

“I’m just an employee in the company. Why should I stand out? What’s the point?”

As a leader with personnel responsibility, it’s important to lead by example. A strong personal branding not only strengthens your own leadership position but also sets you apart from the rest of the world.

“What would my company think if I suddenly try to build my personal branding? What are the benefits for a company?”

A CEO or managing director in a company is always linked to the company they work for. It’s a seamless transition. Some studies suggest that publicly traded companies with active CEOs (image) achieve higher returns than their less-known counterparts. The same applies to CEOs or owners of private smaller businesses. They are held in higher regard by their customers, suppliers, bankers, and stakeholders.

Strengthening an employee’s personal brand brings a competitive advantage to the company. We all know that many decisions these days are made emotionally. A face, an active person, a recurring image of the employees instills trust. Customers can identify more easily with the company and immediately associate the person with it. The company should support you in the strategy and development of a strong personal branding because it clearly benefits from it.

Failing to leverage the power of the CEO’s personal brand means missing the opportunity to cultivate and anchor the company’s image in the minds of the media, prospects, customers, and other decision-makers.

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