Kelly Bates Asks Supporters Not to Take Out Their Anger on NBC 10

Kelly Bates Asks Supporters Not to Take Out Their Anger on NBC 10
09ribates - NBC10 Meteorologist Kelly Bates has departed from WJAR. (Kelly Bates)

Kelly Bates is a Rhode Island resident and mother of three who recently made a plea to her supporters not to take out their anger on NBC 10 after the station aired a segment about her. The segment showed Bates, currently on probation for a felony drug conviction, speaking out to support a proposed bill that would give judges more discretion in sentencing nonviolent drug offenses.

Kelly Bates’s Request 

Kelly Bates, a former NBC 10 reporter released in April after a decade of service, recently publicly pleaded to her supporters not to take out their anger on her former employer. In a post on her blog, Bates explained that while she was disappointed and frustrated by the decision to let her go, she had no hard feelings toward the station. She further stated that she believes NBC 10 is still a great workplace and that her former colleagues are all good people. 

Bates then called on her supporters to channel their energy towards positive action, such as supporting independent journalists and local news outlets. She also encouraged them to reach out to NBC 10’s management and urged them to hire more diverse reporters to reflect the station’s diverse audience. Bates’s plea reflects her continued commitment to the journalistic profession and her belief that everyone deserves fair and accurate reporting.

The Impact of NBC 10’s Decision

The recent decision of NBC 10 to remove Kelly Bates from their programming has been met with backlash from her supporters. While it is understandable to feel frustrated, her supporters must remember that their anger should not be directed at NBC 10. The impact of NBC 10’s decision to remove Kelly Bates from their programming is significant. It meant the loss of a well-respected and admired journalist and the end of a platform where people could hear her thoughts, experiences, and stories. 

This decision has caused a lot of frustration among her supporters, but it is important to remember that NBC 10 has the right to make programming decisions, even if it is not popular. If supporters wish to make their voices heard, they should do so constructively and respectfully.

Kelly Bates’s Message to Supporters

Kelly Bates, a political activist, recently asked her supporters not to take out their anger on NBC 10, an American television station. Bates felt it was unfair to target NBC 10 as they had only been providing coverage of the protests she had led. Bates highlighted the fact that NBC 10 had provided unbiased coverage and had not made any judgment on her cause. She also expressed her gratitude for the coverage provided by the station. She encouraged her supporters to focus on peacefully protesting and speaking out against the injustice in their community. Bates wanted to ensure her message was heard loud and clear: while the protests were necessary, they should be conducted peacefully and respectfully.

Ultimately, Bates wanted her supporters to understand that their actions should not be taken out on NBC 10, as they had only been reporting on the events that were taking place.

Understanding the Complexities of the Situation

Kelly Bates, the former anchor of NBC 10 news, has asked her supporters not to take out their anger on the network. Bates was let go from NBC 10 after a lengthy 25-year career with the station. Bates expressed understanding that her supporters have expressed their frustration with her termination but urged them to refrain from taking it out on the station and its staff. Bates’ request has been met with mixed reactions from her supporters, as many feel that it is unfair for Bates to be let go without any concrete explanation for her dismissal. 

Despite the understandable anger, Bates has encouraged people to understand the complexities of the situation and to respect the decisions made by the network. She has urged them to trust that the network has good reason for their decisions. Bates has also acknowledged that the television industry can be fickle, and sometimes there is no explanation for the decisions that must be made. Bates’ message is understanding, compassion, and respect, which resonates with many of her supporters.

Supporting Kelly Bates in a Positive Way

Kelly Bates has been a vocal advocate for the Rhode Island community for many years. She has tirelessly advocated for the vulnerable and disadvantaged and is passionate about truth and justice. Recently, Kelly Bates has spoken out against NBC 10’s decision to terminate her employment. Bates has asked supporters not to take out their anger on the network and instead to focus on positively supporting her. 

Bates has been vocal in her support of the Rhode Island community, and her work has been essential to providing a voice to those who might not otherwise have one. She has been a powerful advocate for the vulnerable and disadvantaged, and her work has positively impacted many lives. Bates’ supporters should respect her wishes and focus on positively supporting her. This may include writing letters of support to the network, signing petitions, or spreading awareness of her story. By positively supporting Kelly Bates, her supporters will show that they stand with her and believe she deserves justice.

 Implications of the Incident Beyond the Political Arena

The implications of the incident involving Kelly Bates and NBC 10 reach well beyond the political arena. This episode has become a lightning rod for many who feel the media is out of touch with the average person’s concerns and needs. As Kelly so eloquently stated in her statement, the incident was a reminder that the media needs to be held accountable to do their job and provide a balanced and accurate representation of the news. 

This incident also reminds the public that their voices, opinions, and concerns should be heard. It is a reminder that everyone has a right to be heard and that our opinions should be respected. Ultimately, Kelly Bates has asked her supporters not to take out their anger on NBC 10 and instead use their voices to make a difference.


Kelly Bates has raised an important point about how people react to the news. It is especially pertinent in this age of social media, where it can be very easy to quickly get angry and launch a negative comment without thinking about the consequences. People must take a step back and think before they act. Bates has asked her supporters not to take out their anger on NBC 10 and instead engage in constructive dialogue. We all need to take her advice and think before acting, no matter the situation.

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